Thursday, December 10, 2009

West End Beltline Hike on Sat. 12/12 RAIN or SHINE

Hey folks,
It's getting way too hard to plan these walks with the crazy weather as of late, so Angel and I made the executive decision to host a walk on the West End of the Beltline this Saturday RAIN, SHINE, SLEET, SNOW, or HAIL! Join us!

Where? Meet at the Ashby MARTA station:

When? 10am SHARP @ Ashby this Saturday, 12/12/09

What to bring? WARM clothes, rain gear, water, camera, MARTA card

Who? EVERYONE is invited, it's FREE

Why? We haven't walked this section yet and we've got a great leader (Angel) to show us.

We plan to walk to the "Go West" festival for the Beltine trail groundbreaking. Check it:

Afterwards, it's off to Artichoke Bliss for a workday or to the coffee shop if we need a warm up.

Don't fear the forecast! Come out Saturday and hike the unexplored portion of the Beltline with us!!


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