Monday, December 12, 2011

12/17 Peachtree Creek Watershed Hike- STRENUOUS!

Hello Urban Hikers. See below for details on the Saturday's hike down the Peachtree Creek Watershed. This is a STRENUOUS hike and should not be attempted unless you are up for a challenge. Off trail, creek crossing, exploring, railroads, etc... it's gonna be 10 miles of adventure!

Mark Watkins will be hosting another Peachtree Creek Watershed hike this Saturday Dec. 17 (inclement weather date Dec. 18). We will meet at Medlock Park (Decatur) at 9:45 am. The leaves and annual plants have died back and the creek should be way more visible on this hike. I am adding a visit to a pre-Civil War Cemetery that holds a few of the early Europeans of Dekalb County.

The full hike will be ~10 miles and will end at Bobby Jones Golf Course/B.G. Tennis Center. There could be an early out point when we cross Cheshire Bridge Rd. (~6.5 miles) for the folks not up for the full hike. The route I have chosen doesn't require us to walk in the creek. Therefore, we will have to veer from the creek a few times, but we will try to follow the creek as much as possible and keep major roads to a minimum. We will also be utilizing an active railroad line for a portion of the hike. The route will pass through 8 public parks, we will cross the creek 8 times and only 2 crossings will utilize road bridges. Some of the trails may be a little more primitive than others. If you are interested in the longer 10 mile hike, please send me an email at If there is no interest in the full hike I may stop the hike at Cheshire Bridge Rd. There is an environmentally sensitive area we will walk through and therefore pets should stay at home.

Transportation info: For those stopping at Cheshire Bridge Rd., park on or near Faulkner Rd. For the full hike, park at Bitsy Grant Tennis center off of Northside Dr. I can shuttle 4 people back to Medlock Park or the Lindbergh Marta Station. Send me email at if you need a shuttle to MP or Marta. For those dedicated to Marta, buses 19,123,125 will get you ~1.2 miles from Medlock Park. Bus 12 runs about 1/2 mile from the Golf/Tennis facility. Bus 27 services Cheshire Bridge Rd.