Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10/15/11 Peachtree Creek Hike

Hi Urbanhikers,
Long time, no speak. I'm busy with a new job and grad school, but a
friend is hosting a fantastic hike through the Peachtree Creek watershed
and YOU are invited:

Mark Watkins will be hosting a Peachtree Creek Watershed hike this
Saturday Oct. 15. We will meet at Medlock Park (Decatur) at 10:00 am.
The full hike will be ~10 miles and will end at Bobby Jones Golf
Course/B.G. Tennis Center. There could be an early out point when we
cross Cheshire Bridge Rd. (~6.5 miles) for the folks not up for the full
hike. The route I have chosen doesn't require us to walk in the creek.
Therefore, we will have to veer from the creek a few times, but we will
try to follow the creek as much as possible and keep major road to a
minimum. We will also be utilizing an active rail line for a portion of
the hike. The route will pass through 8 public parks, we will cross the
creek 8 times and only 2 crossings will utilize road bridges. Some of the
trails may be a little more primitive than others. If you are interested
in the longer 10 mile hike, please send me an email at
hikepeachtreecreek@gmail.com. If there is no interest in the full hike I
may stop the hike at Cheshire Bridge Rd.

Transportation info: For those stopping at Cheshire Bridge Rd., park on
or near Faulkner Rd. For the full hike, park at Bitsy Grant Tennis center
off of Northside Dr. I can shuttle 4 people back to Medlock Park or the
Lindbergh Marta Station. Send me email at hikepeachtreecreek@gmail.com if
you need a shuttle to MP or Marta. For those dedicated to Marta, buses
19,123,125 will get you ~1.2 miles from Medlock Park. Bus 12 runs about
1/2 mile from the Golf/Tennis facility. Bus 27 service Cheshire Bridge

**Note- at Bitsy Grant Park there are 2 Atlanta Champion Trees- Tulip
Poplar (tallest in metro at 165') and White Oak. Well worth seeing. Just
look down in the ravine beside Northside Drive- can't miss them.

UrbanHiking Atlanta

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